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Pulitzer and YouTube in the Same Sentence?

January 26, 2010

If you’ve been following trends in journalism for more than a minute and you think more than 10 seconds about the potential ramifications of this type of partnership, it might blow your mind. Or it might at least temper your willingness to spend an entire day on Twitter debating either the innovation or idiocy of the new The New York Times pay wall plan and/or its architects.

Instead of one winner this year, there will be five — each receiving a $10,000 grant to work with the Pulitzer Center on an international reporting project. Sponsored by Sony Vaio and Intel, the contest kicks off Feb. 1 when assignments for contestants will be posted. The first deadline is Feb. 28.

The assignments aren’t yet known, but last year they included a video profile and reporting on an under-represented community. Winners in each round receive video technology.

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