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Late to the Academic Game

January 1, 2010

Then, I had a job interview for a tenure-track position and the tenured professor asking me the questions admitted he would return to the field of journalism in a heartbeat if the right job came along.

About two weeks ago, I attended a “meetup” for people with Ph.D.s who want non-academic jobs. One of the featured speakers had what the group considered a coveted job in corporate America conducting important and interesting research and making a decidedly non-academic (as in higher-than) salary.

But at the end of his talk, he admitted that he read his dissertation at least once every year and dreamed of someday publishing it with an academic press.

Okay. Point taken. Academics bemoan their lack of audience. A tenured professor misses the action. A corporate Ph.D. pines occasionally for the academy.

The grass is always greener, unless you get to romp on more than one playing field.  It’s a bit schizophrenic but it keeps the doubts at bay.

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