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Word of the Year

January 4, 2010

I have traveled to Europe, bought two cars, purchased a weekend home, become a two flat-panel TV family, researched, published, traveled to major cities, gone on a cruise and started a blog.  I’ve lost and regained dozens of pounds and recommitted myself to fitness.

I may have wished for, but I would not have imagined these accomplishments a decade ago.

Considering this evidence, I can only assume there will be many opportunities and wonderful developments in the coming decade.

I hope I will see them when they come along and grab them with enthusiasm. I want to stay focused on my goals but I don’t want to be so single-minded that I miss exciting turns down interesting side roads.

One technique that a colleague recently told me about is to have a word or theme that you keep close to your heart and mind. This eliminates the need for resolutions, which can be alternately too ambitious and too restrictive.

One colleague, for example, chose the word PATIENCE to be her touchstone, feeling she was getting overly anxious about her demanding life. Another chose CREATE to counteract her tendency toward checklists and outcomes. Others put sticky notes on their computers saying URGENT, FORWARD, and RESOLUTE. These certainly signify significant commitment.

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