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Sexism in the Media

October 22, 2007

If the above video doesn’t work, the link is here:

I am in class right now that is mainly a study of feminism, so my sexism radar is highly tuned. After watching this video, I realized that feminism is still alive and well in the media.

The fact that this video cut out everything that Hilary Clinton had to say at this rally and focused entirely on her “rudeness” shows the lack of support that this particular media group has for a female president.

Also, the video showed the vast female support that Hilary has, and none of the male support. By no means am I a supporter of Hilary Clinton, not because I don’t want a female president, but I’m just not interested in politics.

I, however, think its sad that the bias in media is so clear in a report like this. The role of a journalist is to be objective at all times, this report is not objective at all and shows the failure of mainstream media to hold up to its own standards.

I believe it is important that the flaws in candidates should be shown, but it should be fair ground. Hilary Clinton definitely has her flaws, but the reason this rally was staged was to discuss her main issues for her presidential candidacy. That is the news and should definitely be incorporated.

I’m not saying that the fact that Hilary “ignored” questions is not news, because presidential candidates have a duty to the public and should be informing them at all times, however, it is more important that her viewpoints on delivered to the public as well as her mistakes.

Maybe, this feminism class has gone to my head, who knows? But I couldn’t help but notice the bias in this particular media publication.

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  1. bethechange permalink
    October 23, 2007 1:40 am

    I completely agree with the ideas posted by Tom. This particular news clip was blatantly biased. There was very little actual basis to support the argument that Hillary ignores the reporters. I think it is important to take into account HOW MANY questions these presidential hopefuls are faced with every single day. Is it really that big a deal that Hillary didn’t answer a question about whose apple pie is better?
    I am personally an Obama supporter, however this is a pathetic news story. There was absolutely nothing about her policies or stance on any important issues.
    Hillary Clinton is viewed by many as simply Bill Clinton’s wife. The media merely helps this along. Instead of focusing upon the Yale Law School graduate’s policies they focus on the idea that Bill will be back in the White House if she is elected.
    Just for fun, I asked my brother to help me poll a group of his classmates (he is a senior in high school) and ask them what they knew about Senator Clinton. Out of a group of 20 students, all of the students knew she was the First Lady at one time, 12 knew she was the senator of New York and about 5 could list any of her policies. I would like to do the same poll with students on campus.
    When I have spoken with fellow classmates about her, the majority said they would not vote for her due to the fact that she is a woman and will most likely lose the election. Is this at all just? I don’t think so! How can we change things if people are too afraid to vote for a person because they don’t believe they would be able to get into office because of their race, or gender, etc.? The best way to change things is to stand up for your beliefs yourself!
    I’m hopeful that our country will not vote for their next president based solely upon the individual’s spouse and choice of pastries.

    For those who are interested in finding out a bit more about Hillary and her policies, here are some wonderful resources:

  2. staceface10 permalink
    October 26, 2007 1:02 am

    While I do not think this news clip was the greatest story to grace American politics, I do think there is something to be said for Hillary Clinton’s manners in this situation. Like it or not, public appearance is a very important part of politics. I do not think it is sexist to say that Bill Clinton has a better presence than Hillary Clinton; it is simply fact. When making speeches that are followed by receptions, it is important for politicians to be courteous and engaging to those who came to hear him or her speak. Bill Clinton has obviously learned this through his career in politics and it shows through his charismatic personality.

    Obviously, candidate’s stances on issues like the War in Iraq and healthcare should be the deciding factors for voters. However, for the average American that does not closely follow politics, a news story like this is something he or she would remember come Election Day. I personally think there is a lot to be said for good manners. It does make Hillary Clinton seem scripted, fake, and rude if she can not hold a simple conversation or answer a question about pie. Hillary Clinton is campaigning, and therefore should be doing her best to make a good impression on every American she gets the chance to meet.

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