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Work and Wildlife

October 2, 2007

We made a short trip to Cumberland last month and gave my parents their first view of the place. My dad again proved to be the world’s best supervisor/handyman (highly knowledgeable, very dependable and works cheap). We hung a ceiling fan, swapped out a light fixture, replaced a jackpost supporting the deck and touched up some mortar. Later, after I had to return to Kensington, he solved two long-standing nagging problems. Turns out a loose wire was all that was troubling the garbage disposal. And the oven actually does work — it just needs a new knob. If it had been left up to me, I probably would have replaced the oven.

A neighbor told Clementine and my mom that she had recently seen a bear stomping around the Wills Mountain area. We’re not sure if he’s affiliated with the mountain lion (nicknamed Pablo de Fabio by Clem) seen there about seven or eight years ago.

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