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Making the blogosphere a little bigger…

September 28, 2007

I feel like we’re in a bubble. A “blogobubble,” if you will.

We’re never going to accomplish the goal of this blog if we don’t communicate with actual people. I mean, writing articles and all is fun, but I feel like we’re just writing it for the sake of writing something to turn in. I realize this is a class assignment and we are getting a grade on it, but we need to make sure that this is more fun than anything. And that it actually has a purpose that transcends the requirements for our class.

This week, as I was looking over other blogs, I have noticed that other blogs actually tackle the issues and do it in a matter that is interactive and innovative. We should try to be more like that… Instead of bringing up a whole different topic, write a blog post adding more to someone has already brought up, or disagree with another post and write about that.

Wouldn’t it be cool if we turned into a huge political debate that got some actual attention from big wigs? I think that should be our ultimate goal. Let’s create enough stir so that people actually come to us, comment on our posts, and use us as a source for their blog posts.

So, let’s try and become part of the blogosphere and get out of our blogobubble. Let’s get some debate going on! That’s what this is for, right?

Anyways, here’s a blog for you to look at: Yay for blogs!

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  1. alexthemanz permalink
    September 28, 2007 3:14 am

    Daniel – Great point. I agree with you on that one but how are we going to do that? Should we just focus on one topic? Do we need to work on a strategic marketing campaign? Let me know your thoughts… the marketing groups (design/internal marketing & external marketing) should def meet sometime!

  2. Chr1sAU permalink
    September 28, 2007 4:49 am

    Ditto. The interactive blogs are definitely the ones that are most attractive to users.
    I read today that when designing news websites, the editors try to shorten the articles, making everything more compact so readers don’t have to scroll as much. That’s how much shorter the average American attention span is getting!
    In order to bring in more and more traffic to our site, I would recommend getting in direct contact with the candidates themselves. They are in their must-meet-every-single-American-mode and now would be a great time to try and get their attention.
    Granted, they don’t have much spare time, but even if we could get a response from one of their aides, or someone working with them on the campaign trail – that’d work just as well. The more publicity the better.
    First, our class could start its own MySpace page, then friend the candidates – most of them have their own pages.
    We could suggest that the candidates post on each other’s walls (is MySpace at all like Facebook? I don’t have a MySpace account), on important issues. That’s the kind of thing that would get huge hits – a one on one conversation between two candidates on something like Facebook? Kids would go nuts.

    Back to interaction. The “voting” thing on the right side is a great touch. Here’s another site regarding the New Hampshire debates – it not only includes the question “Who do you feel won the debate?” but others such as “Who had the most rehearsed answers?”

    I’ll take a look into “rehearsed answers,” one of the topics Newt covered at his National Press Club appearance, in my next post.

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