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South Park and Politics

September 27, 2007

The other day I was watching an old episode of South Park and, surprisingly, began relating it to what we’re talking about in class. The episode, entitled “I’m a little bit country,” is about the people in South Park protesting the war. The boys all get a class project to find out what the founding fathers would’ve thought about the war in Iraq. While Kyle struggles to do the work, Cartman ‘travels back in time’ and is transported to 1776 America. He bumps into the founding fathers debating the constitution and is privy to their debate. While debating the war, all of the things the men are saying sound eerily similar to the same criticisms of the Iraq war. Finally, Ben Franklin comes in and gives a speech in favor of going to war and in favor of dissenting the war. According to Ben Franklin, the trick in America is “saying one thing and doing another.”
While this is funny in the context of South Park, this is the exact reason I’ve grown so sick of politics. It’s always the same arguments and everyone making them is a hypocrite. This election is shaping up to be more honest than the last, but as 2008 approaches, my skepticism grows. While the Bush administration is being systematically fired for their lies and deceit, a new group of politicians is preparing to convince the American people that they are somehow better. I hope the creators of South Park aren’t right and there is such a thing as an honest politician.
You can watch the episode at:

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