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Ahmadinejad visits America

September 25, 2007

Something that has been in the news recently is Iranian president Ahmadinejad’s visit to America. People are upset about this because Ahmadinejad has been pretty vocal about his negative feelings toward the West and America.

Leave it to John Stewart on the Daily Show to put a comic spin on this:

Personally, I don’t understand why Ahmadinejad would want to come here. His entire visit here has incited so much anger and hurt, especially because he wants to visit Ground Zero and he is scheduled to speak at Columbia University. It makes me sad because I know many Iranians who do not feel the same way Ahmadinejad does. His extreme views of the world are highlighted because they are different, but the majority of Muslims do not believe in killing all Americans or wiping out Israel. I think that his visit here is only going to cause more problems and more people to be angry and upset.

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