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Wikipedia’s in the Mix

September 21, 2007

As I was reading the newspapers this week, I came across several articles discussing‘s role in the 2008 Election.
“Everyone who logs on to can be an editor, prompting thousands of political junkies, including more than a few campaign aides, to lock swords over whether the real name of Fred Thompson, 65, is “Freddie” and whether John McCain is a liberal, moderate or conservative Republican,” according to an article from The Telegraph. This news disheartened me, why are voters arguing about such details as whether or not Fred Thompson’s real name is Freddie or about John Edwards $400 haircuts? I understand people want to know the most they can about candidates before making a decision in the 2008 Election, but arguing over things like that seems trivial. They should be more concerned with what the candidates’ positions are on issues like the War in Iraq or health care.

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