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Jodie Foster’s pissed… and she’s not going to take anymore of it

September 21, 2007

i recently saw jodie foster’s new movie, The Brave One…. don’t expect to be intellectually stimulated but go prepared to see alot of personal violence as well as alot of personal transformation: jodie’s performance is evocative and honest… more importantly though, her portrayal of victim-turned-victimizer reminded me of the increasing number of female bad-asses in hollywood over the last few years. the strong, heroic woman is a popular figure in movies and television it seems.

and perhaps that’s exactly what we need in politics. our first female speaker has helped pave the way for healthcare and budget reform, a feat democrats were largely incapable of doing during the 12 years prior. and with just over a year before the 2008 presidential elections, another strong, heroic woman is growing in popularity: in a recent cbs poll, 43% of responders said they’d vote for hillary clinton if it came down to a vote between her, barack (22%) and edwards (16%)…. compared to march when the numbers were 36%, 28% and 18% respectively, it’s safe to say that hillary is gaining popularity.

but is she gaining integrity? her push to repeal don’t ask don’t tell and her clear statement that she does not believe homosexuality is immoral tell me she is. arguably, the woman is the crux of a “traditional” family and a strong, heroic woman is the crux of prosperous family. hillary clinton is in a unique position to unite this country through bipartisan support for gay rights because she is both retail politican and proud mother. she’s made some progress already, but she still has a long way to go if she wants my vote.

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