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Candidates and their blogs

September 21, 2007

I am new to the world of both blogging and politics. I think it is important to follow politics but I find it very hard because I am always so busy. The last thing I want to do after a long day of classes or work is to start talking politics. I chose the Candidate positions II group because I want to become more informed on politics and more importantly on the presidential candidates. Instead of searching long and hard on the internet for issues surrounding the candidates, I thought it would be best to go straight to them. I want to take a better look at each candidates website and monitor their positions on press issues, debate issues, democratic discourse issues, and comments on the media. After observing their websites, I will then turn to news sources to see how the candidates are portrayed in the media.

I started out thinking that I would examine all of the presidential candidates websites… But this was taking much longer than I anticipated. So I decided that for this post I would only cover 4 candidates, 2 democrats and 2 republicans. Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, John McCain, and Rudy Giuliani were the presidential candidates whose websites I looked at. I was impressed by all of them. I had to literally sign in, meaning I gave my name, email, and zip code, to get into all of them except for Rudy Giuliani’s. What a great way to keep in touch with supporters. I was surprised to see that all the candidates had their own blogs established. Is it necessary then for other independent organizations to be asking candidates to respond to their blog sites? I’m also curious as to if we could link our blog to all of the candidates blogs? If it’s possible then I think it’d be a great way to monitor the candidates.

I will definitely need to spend some more time on these websites to get more information about the candidates. This was just a brief overview of how accessible the candidate’s positions are to voters. Spend a little time each week looking at these sites and one can stay informed. I’ve provided a link to Obama, Clinton, McCain, and Giuliani’s pages if anyone is interested. Furthermore, for those of you that know more about blogging, is it possible to link our blog to their blogs?

Barack Obama
Hillary Clinton
John McCain
Rudy Giuliani

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