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Beautiful Graffiti

September 21, 2007

I get bored easily. Things look bland, sound stale, and generally can’t hold my interest. Unless there’s some real soul in them.

The site is looking better, but, it’s not quite perfect, at least not for what we want to do. It needs personality, like our politicians. We need some beautiful graffiti, a barrage of images and sounds. But not random images and sounds, but things with content and meaning. We need to take both our design and our content to the next step. Though that is frustratingly hard to do with Blogger. Maybe it’s just a microcosm for America. We’re given tools to make things, but lack the creativity. We have politicians that can speak, but lack meaning behind their words. Are we becoming like that? Are we just following the path of what we are expected to based on our position? Do we protest because we’re supposed to? Do we write a blog to voice opinions that will get lost in the flow because that is what everyone with an opinion is expected to do? I don’t know. But I know that if we’re going to make a something out of this blog we need to have an attitude to match. We need to look the part, sound the part, and have the content to get noticed…and appreciated.

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