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The Politician Suit

September 14, 2007

Recently, I did a little research on one of the candidates for the upcoming election, a guy by the name of Fred Thompson. At first, this guy seemed to be something original, unique from the usual politician full of bs. I have never gotten into politics because honestly politicians really annoy me. Maybe I’m a little uneducated but it doesn’t matter what party they come from, they all seem to be the same. Politics seems to be very monotonous as it always a white protestant man with white or grey hair blathering on about something he means to do but never actually gets around to doing it.

Anyway, back to Fred Thompson, Thompson’s website is On this website you can check out videos on his life, his political accomplishments, of which some are impressive and his announcement that he intends to run for presidency.

I watched most of the videos and was impressed by his employment record, this guy has done everything! Delivered mail, made bikes, been an attorney, acted and been in senate. He really impressed me until I watched his video showing his intention to run for presidency.

Hearing all his ideas just showed me that no matter how interesting a guy is before he runs for president, he will turn into the same old boring politician that I’m used to if he runs for presidency. It’s as if people running for presidency are given a politician suit, which completely destroys any outlet for creativity or originality. Thompson is republican and his ideas mirrored those already in place in the Bush administration. I find it annoying that this guy would even think to continue the same way Bush was, when its very clear that this country needs a complete turn around or in 10 years, we’re going to be in a very sticky situation.

That’s my rant on Fred Thompson, hope you enjoyed it. Please let me know what you think of his website.

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  1. Zakahi permalink
    September 15, 2007 6:50 am

    I just replied in a similar fashion to another comment, but the statment is worth repeating. Can candidates really be blamed for sticking to a model that gets people elected? They are only giving us what we say we want when we vote for them. Voters respond to attack ads and the best attack ads come from the opposition saying too much.

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