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Let’s make it pretty

September 14, 2007

Good-golly gumbo green! Floss the spinach that’s in-between your teeth and eat your vegetables because the green has got to go. But don’t get too excited we have lots to do before we’re one of those shiny, moderately attractive, marketable blog sites.

What do we really want our site to feel like? A political whirlwind of red, white & blue or more of a college-style forum about our next door political bigwigs? I have made a list of some things to think about.

Layout: content inside columns, archive organization, tabs
Design: colors, headliner, blogger profiles, graphics

Post your comments on some ideas so the marketing group can get started 😉

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  1. LexLaura permalink
    September 17, 2007 9:01 pm

    Instead of picking bright, patriotic red, white, and blue, how about we consider maroon and a medium blue? Since we are a dissident media class, using the typical school colors, we go a little bit more refined?

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