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Giuliani: One Hit Wonder

September 14, 2007

Six years and two days ago we witnessed the worst attack on U.S soil. On Tuesday we commemorated that day and for the first time family members did not read off the names of the victims. Instead it was the rescuers who read the names of the people they could not get too. Hundreds of New Yorkers and people from around the globe stood in the drizzly rain to honor the fallen. Some of the participants included former New York mayor George Pataki, New York Senator Hillary Clinton and former New York City major Rudi Giuliani. Several months ago there was a controversy about Giuliani showing up at the ceremonies. Many families believed that he would turn this date of remembrance into a presidential speech. I agreed.
After 9/11 Giuliani became “America’s mayor.” When he spoke everyone listened, everyone was sympathetic, and everyone was on his side. However, now I feel that he was lost his touch. After all this is the candidate that answers 9/11 to every question. In fact he has become worse than President Bush in reminding us that we should live in fear and buy duct tape and gas masks. So I agreed that he should not have spoke at the ceremony. And although, he did not talk about his candidacy, I believe the main point of the protest was to tell America about his policies. His policies to disregard the American public, build up defense stay the course, and committee more soldiers to uncertain future. It is obvious he has the wrong talking points and if he really wants to talk to us, he needs to stop mentioning 9/11 and start talking about the change he is going to being to the White House.

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  1. Zakahi permalink
    September 15, 2007 6:58 am

    How dare you make such unpatriotic comments. Although I agree it’s unfortunate using 9/11 seems to be working for the man (He leads in most national and state primary polls I have seen).

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