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September 13, 2007

What to blog about?
This has truly been plaguing me all week. I know we’re not supposed to allow the blog to become a time sink, but I’m one of those people who has trouble coming up with an idea without any guidelines. After long debate I’ve decided to blog about my disappointment for the week.

The Petraeus report was a whole lot of nothing. None of my friends were at all changed by Petraeus’ answers. He didn’t provide anything that hadn’t already been thoroughly debated in the mainstream media. Also after the add none of the Democrats or any of the mainstream media seemed to have the willingness to at all question any of the statements that were made during the presentation. It was a relative waste of time for the American public. The one good sign is that Petraeus did propose a hypothetical timetable for withdrawal of the troops. Even this draw down would have the Americans maintaining a troop level of 70,000 for some time to come. However with the assassination of the leading anti-al Qaeda Sunni in Anbar yesterday who knows if even that is feasible.

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