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Hillary vs. Obama

September 13, 2007

So I came across this video on Despite the fact that it doesn’t focus specifically on the Presidential debates, it is still relevant to our class on Dissident Media, at least in regards to the public and mainstream media’s primary concerns about these candidates. The two advocates for Hillary and Obama both spout the same comments and criticisms that are highlighted and repeated in mainstream media. The pettiness of the criticisms, and the heated and overblown discussion of the candidates’ personal lives definitely reflects the same general petty attitude of mainstream media.

While the advocates of both candidates are distracted and arguing about issues such as Obama’s previous cocaine use and Hillary’s marital problems, they never address the issues people and the media should actually be talking about. They don’t talk about healthcare or immigration and they only briefly mention the war. Even when they spoke of the war, Obama’s advocate only talks about past voting records and doesn’t talk about policies for the future.

The satirical argument is an unfortunate expression of what the primary focuses are in this year’s Presidential race. Scandal is overemphasized because it’s entertaining and it sells. Therefore politics has just turned into a petty soap opera. The worst part is the public eats it up! And as this video shows, the public then just becomes a mouthpiece for what mainstream media’s selling.

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